About Ali

Hi Everyone!

I am Ali and I wanted to share a bit about myself just in case you decide to read this page. lol  Anyway, I was born and raised in Apple Valley, Minnesota and in 2012 my husband, daughter Anna and I moved to our home in Hudson, Wisconsin.  We absolutely love it here!  We are official ‘cheeseheads’!  It is however taking my husband a little bit longer to convert to being a Packer fan than it did me…. Go Pack!  (He is and will always be a Seahawk fan because he’s from Washington State!!)

I started my photography business in 2006 when my daughter was just 2 months old.  Don’t ask me why I started when I had a brand new baby but I did.  Maybe I was a bit crazy!  But…. I had started taking photos of my daughter and people kept asking me if I could take photos of their children. At first, I thought no way, I just had a baby!  But then as time went on I started teaching myself as much as I could learn and started taking on clients.  It was amazing. 8 years in and I still love what I do for a living!

Over the years of being in business I have photographed many different types of subjects.   I’ve been doing photography long enough to know what I love and don’t love!  I LOVE Newborns!!  And I LOVE Seniors!

My newest greatest achievement is my baby Lily.  She was born in March of 2014.  My husband and I got married in 2001 and we had a very hard time conceiving our daughter Anna and when we had her we were overjoyed.  Then more years of infertility.  We finally got pregnant in 2010 and were simply overjoyed!  At 13 weeks though, I found out we lost our baby.  It was a huge hit on our family. After recovering from such a difficult loss, I can honestly say how amazing it is to be able to be there for another woman who has lost a child.  I know how it feels. My absolute heart is to be able to help those who have had this kind of pain in their lives.

After my loss, I ate to cope with everything. I put on a ton of weight!  ouch.. lol  Anyway, in 2012 on my birthday I decided enough was enough!  I decided I’m going to lose this weight no matter what!  So, I started working out and eating right.  I lost 60 pounds and felt AMAZING!  It took me about 7 months to lose it all!  And then…. on the 4th of July SURPRISE!!!  We were pregnant!  I was so shocked!  I mean I had tried clomid and other things to get pregnant. We had even started down the road of adoption but my heart wasn’t there at that point in my life.

So in March of 2014 we had Lily. Oh my goodness it was absolutely amazing!  Both pregnancies were completely different and I was so convinced that this time we were having a boy. We even went to a 4D ultrasound place early to find out what we were having and he said you are having a GIRL!  lol I was so happy because I knew what to expect when having a girl…. Can you say DRAMA!  lol

Anyway, my family is my life. I love my husband and I love my girls.  I also love what I do for a living.  Not many people LOVE what they do but I surely do.  We have been through a lot over the past 13 years and I understand where a lot of mama’s come from!  Especially with infertility and loss.  It is a very traumatic time and I love being able to be there for women.  And I love, love sharing the joy they have when they have their baby!  I finally got my wish and that was to have another child and I love sharing the joys with new mama’s when they come in to my studio.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading About Me. lol Hopefully, I’m not too boring!   I’m not afraid to share where I have come from and what I’ve been through.

I’m as real as they come.