I always feel like I’m going to start off a blog post… Well, it’s been forever.. lol  Oh my goodness.

There have been a LOT of changes in my life the past two years.  From having a baby to becoming a mom who homeschool’s by day and works by evening etc and now we are moving.

Yep, you heard that right!  We are moving in a couple months.  Where?  Not far so don’t worry.  We just found an amazing place that was just too hard to pass up.

Let’s just say… private beach sessions here we come!!!

So, that brings me to this…. Once we are moved I am giving up my beautiful studio space.  I have been in photography for almost 10 years and I have always worked very hard to have a studio.  My place right now is by far my most gorgeous set up.

Since, I won’t be having a studio like I have now, I am moving my newborn sessions to IN HOME LIFESTYLE NEWBORN…. What a dream it is too!

It is SO much different than studio and I love the change!  Normally, I hate change but this is good change!

As a new mom, I know how exhausting it is to have to pack up your brand new baby and other kids in tow and go to a studio!  I’d be worried about EVERYTHING.

I’d be worried about how my kids behaved, if they would ruin anything, would they smile for the camera etc.

I have always dreamed of having super relaxed sessions with families.  I am not one for a ton of posing.  Yes, I will do it but that’s not what I’m drawn to as a photographer.

I want to capture the moment, the mood, the happiness etc with out smiling directly at the camera.

I’ve learned that when going to people’s homes, they can move around freely. The kids can too instead of being cooped up in my studio space with parent’s anxiety over how they will behave.

When I do a studio session I’m happy to get 20 finished images.  It can take 3-4 hours because of how hard studio work is. Your baby has to be completely sleeping for my assistant and I to pose baby. And if they aren’t sleeping or if they are fussy you have to wait.

Sometimes, studio is just hard.  For everyone.

When I did this session that your about to see, I got to play with the kids, I got to just chat and hang out with mom. When I was photographing mom and baby the kids went into another room to just play. It was by far the most relaxed session I have done in a very long time.

Plus, my studio sessions are $550 with 20 images and I’ve decided to do my lifestyle newborn sessions for $450 and I know for a fact I’ll get more than 20 images. I will still promise 20 but I love over delivering to my clients. ( shhh your not supposed to know that lol)

I am so excited to share with you this session…. I had no idea what this family’s home looked like beforehand and was happily surprised. It turned out that mom homeschools too and we had a lot in common!

Here are a few images to their session and my new LIFESTYLE Session.

Augustine_Family10 Augustine_Family19 Augustine_Family35 Augustine_Family38 Augustine_Family55


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Hey Everyone!  Senior Season is upon us and I’ve been on the search for awesome senior models.  I now have 6 amazing girls from River Falls and Hudson!! We are still currently looking for girls from Woodbury, Stillwater, New Richmond and the areas around Hudson.

I met Taylar and we instantly connected! She’s so cool!  We had so much fun outside shooting last week in the warm weather. At least it was warm for us after a long cold winter! I found out Taylar loves dance and loves to read. Something that was so cool that I found out was that she said she loved anything that empowered a woman. That’s so cool!  Like seriously!  I just watched a video on IG last night of Taylar dancing and dang she’s good! She wants to do some dancing photos too for her senior session that I’m super excited about!

Here are some images from Taylar’s Mini session!  I had so much fun!  I can’t wait to photograph my other 5 senior models too!  Can you tell I’m excited?!!

We went down to the kinnikinic and took our photos and then went up above to the park there!  It was fun to photograph in a new location too!


Senior Image River falls senior photographer river falls wisconsin


Isn’t Taylar just stunning!

Senior Photographer Hudson Wi Hudson, Wi Rustic Senior Photo Beautiful Senior Photo Senior Photo River Falls


I have been in business for almost 9 years. I started in 2006 when my daughter was born and I have grown to absolutely love seniors. I’ve always loved working with them and they still to this day are my favorite.   I absolutely love making a senior feel and look beautiful with out overdoing it.  I love eyes the most. They tell the whole story!  If I can’t capture that then I’m not doing my job right.

 Right now until April 1st when you book your senior session you get 40% off of your session fee!  In 9 years I have never offered this kind of sale!  So, if your looking to book do not wait!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing Taylar’s photos!  Email me today to book your session!

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Here are some of Alexis senior photos!  Aren’t they gorgeous!  Are you a junior looking to get your senior photos done?  Interested in being a senior model?  Contact me asap so we can chat!



stillwater minnesotaSENIOR  Photos

hudson wisconsin

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I’ve had the pleasure of this last week to do photos of mama’s and their babies nursing.  Now, this has been quite a controversial issue for many years but it doesn’t matter to me.  See, nursing is very special to me with my baby Lily.  My other baby who is now 8 I couldn’t nurse with her. Well, I did but I never got a good supply so I had to supplement with formula.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that either!  Please don’t think that I am the kinda girl who will sit there and tell you breast is best because whatever way you feed your baby is best.  My daughter Anna and I have a special bond together she’s my boo..

Anyway, I decided to do nursing mini sessions and I wanted to share some of the images that we took in the studio.

First up is Kelsey… I originally said only mama and baby but she had asked if her other two kids could come along and be in the images.  I said why not because how often do we really get in photos with our children.

She literally just saw her images and this is what she said:  ” Speechless i love!! The picture of me and all 3 is exactly what i had visioned! Thank u so much! And the side angle of hunter eating made me gasp and bring me tears of joy!”

To me when a customer, friend and fellow photographer says something like this to me it honestly makes me feel so good inside that I did a great job.

So, here are a couple images from her mini session….

Baby Photographer Hudson WIsconsin

Nursing Photos Minneapolis Minnesota


Twin Cities Photographer Nursing Images



Here’s another set of images of Rachel and her baby Emelia.  I absolutely love the bond that we captured on camera.  It’s so incredibly beautiful.

Here’s what Rachel had to say about her images!  ” These are so great Ali! Thank you so much!  I will cherish these forever!”

Twin Cities Premier Photographer Nursing Images Photography by Ali Hohn Mama and Baby Photography Minneapolis Minnesota

Rachel had brought this amazingly beautiful vintage dress for her baby and so I just had to take a couple!

Best Minnesota Photographer Hudson Wisconsin Baby Photographer Minneapolis Minnesota


If you are a nursing mama or even if you aren’t, don’t you want to have some beautiful images with your baby?  Why hide behind the camera! Stop making excuses and hire me to photograph you with your children. Your mommy and baby photographer in Hudson, Wisconsin!

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This is a personal post… so get ready… Well, somewhat personal.. It doesn’t matter what it is just read on! lol

I can not believe my baby is 6 months old already!   The time goes by so fast and the first three months with the lack of sleep, multiple feedings in the night etc it tends to be a blur. Most of you mom’s totally get it!  Well, I would think EVERY MOM get’s it!  Even if your baby is 15 years old you so remember those days!  Well, blurry days. haha The past 6 months have gone by so fast I’ve been looking back at photos and videos and sitting here wishing I had taken more.. I was so tired through it all that I should have taken more .

This is time I can never get back.  This is why photography is so important because they preserve those moments.  Photography is more than just buying pictures.  It’s preserving that moment in your life, in your baby’s life.

You go through nine months of carrying that baby and hours and hours of labor and then omg pushing that baby out. The pride and joy you feel for what you just accomplished.  It’s crazy!  Right after I had Lily I wanted another but we are getting too old to have more. That’s a whole other story. But, I love my babies to pieces.  I would do anything for them.  We tried for years to have Lily.  We tried for a long time for Anna as well. Getting pregnant for me wasn’t easy. So when it came to newborn photos of Lily, I flew in my favorite photographer to photograph her. Yes, I could do it myself ( I did some with my bestie) but having Lily was so special to me I had to have the best.

What happened with those photos though that I spent as much as you do on a wedding for these amazing images…. Well, I got the digitals.  So many people only want the digitals these days and I totally get that.  I do.  I wanted the digitals myself… The only sad thing is well I have only printed one image.  I haven’t done anything with them.  I’ve been so tired or busy with the kids that I haven’t had time to order photos for myself.  I want to take the guess work out of that for my clients.  I don’t want to just sell digitals. I thought that was the way to do it but it makes me sad that you don’t go home with anything really tangible in your hands.  Prints printed at professional labs are beautiful!  Don’t get me started on printing at places like Target, Walmart etc.

Baby Photographer Hudson WIsconsin

Let me tell you reasons why you want to buy the prints……

- You will already have gifts in your hands to give to your family

- You will have prints ready for your frames to decorate your home.

- They last longer!

- When I get home from a long days work, I can see my images on my wall and they remind me of how much I love my children

- They won’t corrupt or crash when your computer crashes (oh yes that does happen!)

- They will be from professional printers and the color and accuracy will be correct.

- You will have a professional help you pick what is best to print etc ( yep, me)

- It will get done right away!  Unlike me who is still sitting on the digitals.

So, my goal is to print these images I spent thousands on.  They are amazing images and I want to display them in my home.  So are you convinced you should purchase prints instead of digitals?  Yes!!!  You are convinced because Prints ROCK!

6 month baby photographer minneapolis minnesota



I absolutely adore these images that I have of Lily and this one below is of both my girls.  Anna took Lily and was just cuddling her the day before school started. I think she was realizing she would be missing Lily. I am going print this one big!  I love it.

Child Photographer Minnesota Wisconsin


I guess the moral of this blog post (story) is print your images. Don’t just buy digitals from your photographer.  Yes, get the digitals with your prints for archival purposes and putting on facebook etc but the prints are completely worth it.

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As most of you know and if you don’t I have a little baby. Her name is Lily. My husband and I tried for many years for another child and we had our baby girl March 4th. We feel so blessed! We struggled with years of infertility. When I had my daughter Anna who is now 8 we struggled as well to have her but she’s here and is amazing. :) Well, with Anna I never produced enough to be able to exclusively breastfeed… Why am I talking about this? Well, I’m getting to it. heheh I felt like a giant failure with my first baby because my body just wouldn’t produce enough milk for her.

As it’s nearing the end of breast feeding awareness month I have so many things to say. So, feeling like a giant failure with my first baby I was determined to nurse my second baby. Absolutely determined. I somewhat felt cheated with Anna and post partum hit me like a rock. Oh my gosh, yes, I’m talking about post partum! said no woman ever….. lol

With Lily, a friend of mine told me about a medicine that has helped her nurse her babies. I didn’t want to try it because I just wasn’t sure about it. But a few weeks in after I had Lily my supply just wasn’t there. We had to supplement with formula and I was starting to go down that path of feeling like a failure with my baby. I so badly wanted to nurse her and so I asked my friend again what it was that she took. Believe me, this was my last resort. I’ve tried fenugreek, go lacta, brewers yeast, I tried power pumping, pumping after every feed etc and the list goes on and on….

I bought the domperidone and oh my goodness I was able to exclusively nurse! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve had other mom’s ask me what I use and I’m not saying it’s the cure all of everything but it’s literally the only thing that has allowed me to nurse my baby for almost 6 months.

A few weeks ago we took the girls to the county fair. We were at the fair for a good 5 hours and I had to nurse Lily. I have shied away from nursing her in public because of all sorts of things… insecurities, not wanting anyone to see me but I had to feed my baby. While, I was feeding her she started to just look up at me and I took a photo.

Because, absolutely nothing was showing I decided to post it on facebook. With in twenty minutes someone decided to report it as nudity. I had over 400 likes on my image too. But someone reported it as nudity which there was nothing. If I hadn’t said that I was nursing you would have thought it was my arm!

Well, since then I had decided to combat that one negative and offer to do nursing mini sessions… I am so proud to be a nursing mama. Believe me, I know nursing isn’t for everyone and I get that. I totally understand both sides of bottle or breast. I bottle fed my first baby and breastfeed Lily. Either way I love my babies but I’ve found now that I’m older that nursing to me is very special. Maybe I hold it even more dear to me because I couldn’t nurse Anna.

So, today I had my first breastfeeding mini session and I am in love with the images.

Hudson Wisconsin Baby Photographer

Woodbury Minnesota Newborn Photographer


Stillwater Minnesota Newborn Photographer


Minneapolis Minnesota Newborn Photographer


River Falls Wisconsin Newborn Photographer


Thank you so much Clara for choosing to come to me for these images.  I feel so passionately about these images with your babies.  The time goes so fast and you want to cherish it forever.

This is what Clara said when I posted one of her images on facebook!

St. Paul Newborn Photographer Hudson Wisconsin Newborn Photographer


Are you ready to book your nursing session with your baby? Click here to contact Ali!

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   It’s senior season!!!  Oh my gosh I’m so excited!  The calls have started to roll in and bookings are up this year so don’t wait!  Send me and email asap for information and pricing!  It’s super simple!

Don’t get average photos get amazing ones.  I’m not one to toot my own horn usually but I know for a fact I’m not average in the way I shoot.  I take my time with you. I want you to text me your outfits. I want to see what you are going to wear before we shoot.  I want you to get your make up done at BB Makeup in Hudson, Wisconsin.  BB Makeup   I don’t want you to go tanning or get a spray tan.  Yuck!  I want you to have an amazing experience.. I want you to have fun with me on our photo shoot.  I want you to LOVE your images!

If you want me as your photographer for your senior photos then book me asap.  I have limited sessions this year because of just having a baby so don’t miss out!

What’s a post with out photos?  Here are some of my seniors from last year that I loved!!

This is Jadine!  Isn’t she stunning!  She’s from Prescott!

senior photo hudson wisconsin


senior photos hudson wisconsin


Here’s Jade from Spring Valley, Wisconsin!  I loved working with her and her family!  I will  never forget our photo shoot… It was quite the story! You should ask me sometime what happened! lol

senior images hudson wisconsin photographer

senior photos western wisconsin

 Here’s Hannah from Hudson with the most pretty smile!! And gorgeous hair too!

senior photos hudson wisconsin photographer


senior photos woodbury minnesota photographer

 And here’s Erin from River Falls, Wisconsin!  Oh my goodness, I’m scared of horses but we did this!!  We had so many amazing images that night! The lighting was perfect, the horses were great and Erin was stunning!

senior photos river falls wisconsin photographer


senior pics river falls wisconsin photographer

And here’s Courtney from Roberts, Wisconsin!  She’s so gorgeous!  I have hair envy of all of these girls!

senior photos new richmond wisconsin photographer


senior photos new richmond wisconsin photographer


 Interested in getting gorgeous senior images??  Then contact me asap because I will be doing limited sessions this summer because I have a brand new baby and you do NOT want to miss out!

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I had the sweet pleasure of photographing Jenna Ben and Otto! They are soon to be expecting another baby!  I met Jenna about a year ago when I started photographing Mr. Otto!  They are such a sweet little family!  So, when she booked me to do their newborn photos I was all over that!  I’m so excited to meet their baby!!

With my new pricing for newborns I am now doing Mini Maternity sessions!  I completely understand if people don’t want to spend a ton of money on a maternity session so I am now just doing mini maternity sessions which seem to be a great hit!  I am getting super booked up too so you want to book your session immediately!

Here are Jenna’s images!













Are you in Wisconsin or Minnesota and pregnant? Contact me to book your own mini maternity session!

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I had my precious baby girl on March 4th.  After 9 hours of labor and only 9 minutes of pushing she arrived.  It was absolutely amazzzzzzing… I love her to pieces and so does her big sister and her daddy.  Her grandma and grandpa are in love with her too.  She’s an amazing little baby.. She’s a sweet tempered baby and I just can’t get enough of her. :)  Here are some of my favorite images of her over the past couple months.  I had also hired someone to fly in and take her photos when she was 7 days old.  It was honestly the best thing I did.  I love those images as well.  I love these too because also, my best friend flew here from St. Louis to help me photograph Lily because my recover has been a little more than tough… I broke my tailbone while delivering Lily. :(  But… lol… She’s TOTALLY worth it!

newborn photographer hudson wisconsin newborn baby photographer hudson wisconsin family hudson wisconsin photographer Child Photographer Hudson Wisconsin Hudson Wisconsin Child Photographer Newborn Photographer Minneapolis Minnesota Newborn Photographer Hudson Wisconsin Newborn photographer Hudson Wisconsin newborn lifestyle photographer hudson wisconsin baby photographer hudson wisconsin baby photographer wisconsin hudson baby photographer western wisconsin
baby photographer hudson wisconsin children photographer hudson wisconsin children photographer hudson wisconsin childrens photographer hudson wisconsin

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Oh my goodness, after having my own adorable little baby girl three months ago I’ve been photographing more and more newborns. I LOVE THEM!! I can’t get enough of these sweet babes. Here are just a few of my favorite images over the past few months!  If you know someone or are pregnant and want your baby photographed contact me while you are pregnant!!  I want you to come in between days 5 and 10 and I kid you not for some reason day 7 has been perfect!

Also, I want all of my potential customers to know that I have now gone over to selling just the digital images.  I just had a baby and now want to spend more time with her as I know you want to spend as much time with your new baby as well.  So, from now on you purchase the newborn session and when I’m done with the images you do not have to come back to me and order with me.  I upload them to a website and then you can download them to your own computer.  I will give you a release form of where you should print. Any place that I do not recommend I can not guarantee color or quality on the images.  You will still be able to print images through me as well at a discounted rate.  This has taken me years to convert to selling digitals as it’s very hard for me mentally to give that over..  Why is that?  Because I do not want you to print my work at Walmart, Target, Walgreens etc.  Those places do not calibrate their printers like professional printer places do.  They print on glossy (YUCK) and your face could be green… So with that I give you all a release on where to print and I hope to heck ya all go there and print!









Rowan_King31 Rowan_King28


Don’t you just love looking at these beautiful images?!!  If you want beautiful images like these give me a email and book your session now!

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