This is a personal post… so get ready… Well, somewhat personal.. It doesn’t matter what it is just read on! lol

I can not believe my baby is 6 months old already!   The time goes by so fast and the first three months with the lack of sleep, multiple feedings in the night etc it tends to be a blur. Most of you mom’s totally get it!  Well, I would think EVERY MOM get’s it!  Even if your baby is 15 years old you so remember those days!  Well, blurry days. haha The past 6 months have gone by so fast I’ve been looking back at photos and videos and sitting here wishing I had taken more.. I was so tired through it all that I should have taken more .

This is time I can never get back.  This is why photography is so important because they preserve those moments.  Photography is more than just buying pictures.  It’s preserving that moment in your life, in your baby’s life.

You go through nine months of carrying that baby and hours and hours of labor and then omg pushing that baby out. The pride and joy you feel for what you just accomplished.  It’s crazy!  Right after I had Lily I wanted another but we are getting too old to have more. That’s a whole other story. But, I love my babies to pieces.  I would do anything for them.  We tried for years to have Lily.  We tried for a long time for Anna as well. Getting pregnant for me wasn’t easy. So when it came to newborn photos of Lily, I flew in my favorite photographer to photograph her. Yes, I could do it myself ( I did some with my bestie) but having Lily was so special to me I had to have the best.

What happened with those photos though that I spent as much as you do on a wedding for these amazing images…. Well, I got the digitals.  So many people only want the digitals these days and I totally get that.  I do.  I wanted the digitals myself… The only sad thing is well I have only printed one image.  I haven’t done anything with them.  I’ve been so tired or busy with the kids that I haven’t had time to order photos for myself.  I want to take the guess work out of that for my clients.  I don’t want to just sell digitals. I thought that was the way to do it but it makes me sad that you don’t go home with anything really tangible in your hands.  Prints printed at professional labs are beautiful!  Don’t get me started on printing at places like Target, Walmart etc.

Baby Photographer Hudson WIsconsin

Let me tell you reasons why you want to buy the prints……

- You will already have gifts in your hands to give to your family

- You will have prints ready for your frames to decorate your home.

- They last longer!

- When I get home from a long days work, I can see my images on my wall and they remind me of how much I love my children

- They won’t corrupt or crash when your computer crashes (oh yes that does happen!)

- They will be from professional printers and the color and accuracy will be correct.

- You will have a professional help you pick what is best to print etc ( yep, me)

- It will get done right away!  Unlike me who is still sitting on the digitals.

So, my goal is to print these images I spent thousands on.  They are amazing images and I want to display them in my home.  So are you convinced you should purchase prints instead of digitals?  Yes!!!  You are convinced because Prints ROCK!

6 month baby photographer minneapolis minnesota



I absolutely adore these images that I have of Lily and this one below is of both my girls.  Anna took Lily and was just cuddling her the day before school started. I think she was realizing she would be missing Lily. I am going print this one big!  I love it.

Child Photographer Minnesota Wisconsin


I guess the moral of this blog post (story) is print your images. Don’t just buy digitals from your photographer.  Yes, get the digitals with your prints for archival purposes and putting on facebook etc but the prints are completely worth it.

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