I’ve had the pleasure of this last week to do photos of mama’s and their babies nursing.  Now, this has been quite a controversial issue for many years but it doesn’t matter to me.  See, nursing is very special to me with my baby Lily.  My other baby who is now 8 I couldn’t nurse with her. Well, I did but I never got a good supply so I had to supplement with formula.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that either!  Please don’t think that I am the kinda girl who will sit there and tell you breast is best because whatever way you feed your baby is best.  My daughter Anna and I have a special bond together she’s my boo..

Anyway, I decided to do nursing mini sessions and I wanted to share some of the images that we took in the studio.

First up is Kelsey… I originally said only mama and baby but she had asked if her other two kids could come along and be in the images.  I said why not because how often do we really get in photos with our children.

She literally just saw her images and this is what she said:  ” Speechless i love!! The picture of me and all 3 is exactly what i had visioned! Thank u so much! And the side angle of hunter eating made me gasp and bring me tears of joy!”

To me when a customer, friend and fellow photographer says something like this to me it honestly makes me feel so good inside that I did a great job.

So, here are a couple images from her mini session….

Baby Photographer Hudson WIsconsin

Nursing Photos Minneapolis Minnesota


Twin Cities Photographer Nursing Images



Here’s another set of images of Rachel and her baby Emelia.  I absolutely love the bond that we captured on camera.  It’s so incredibly beautiful.

Here’s what Rachel had to say about her images!  ” These are so great Ali! Thank you so much!  I will cherish these forever!”

Twin Cities Premier Photographer Nursing Images Photography by Ali Hohn Mama and Baby Photography Minneapolis Minnesota

Rachel had brought this amazingly beautiful vintage dress for her baby and so I just had to take a couple!

Best Minnesota Photographer Hudson Wisconsin Baby Photographer Minneapolis Minnesota


If you are a nursing mama or even if you aren’t, don’t you want to have some beautiful images with your baby?  Why hide behind the camera! Stop making excuses and hire me to photograph you with your children. Your mommy and baby photographer in Hudson, Wisconsin!

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