As most of you know and if you don’t I have a little baby. Her name is Lily. My husband and I tried for many years for another child and we had our baby girl March 4th. We feel so blessed! We struggled with years of infertility. When I had my daughter Anna who is now 8 we struggled as well to have her but she’s here and is amazing. :) Well, with Anna I never produced enough to be able to exclusively breastfeed… Why am I talking about this? Well, I’m getting to it. heheh I felt like a giant failure with my first baby because my body just wouldn’t produce enough milk for her.

As it’s nearing the end of breast feeding awareness month I have so many things to say. So, feeling like a giant failure with my first baby I was determined to nurse my second baby. Absolutely determined. I somewhat felt cheated with Anna and post partum hit me like a rock. Oh my gosh, yes, I’m talking about post partum! said no woman ever….. lol

With Lily, a friend of mine told me about a medicine that has helped her nurse her babies. I didn’t want to try it because I just wasn’t sure about it. But a few weeks in after I had Lily my supply just wasn’t there. We had to supplement with formula and I was starting to go down that path of feeling like a failure with my baby. I so badly wanted to nurse her and so I asked my friend again what it was that she took. Believe me, this was my last resort. I’ve tried fenugreek, go lacta, brewers yeast, I tried power pumping, pumping after every feed etc and the list goes on and on….

I bought the domperidone and oh my goodness I was able to exclusively nurse! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve had other mom’s ask me what I use and I’m not saying it’s the cure all of everything but it’s literally the only thing that has allowed me to nurse my baby for almost 6 months.

A few weeks ago we took the girls to the county fair. We were at the fair for a good 5 hours and I had to nurse Lily. I have shied away from nursing her in public because of all sorts of things… insecurities, not wanting anyone to see me but I had to feed my baby. While, I was feeding her she started to just look up at me and I took a photo.

Because, absolutely nothing was showing I decided to post it on facebook. With in twenty minutes someone decided to report it as nudity. I had over 400 likes on my image too. But someone reported it as nudity which there was nothing. If I hadn’t said that I was nursing you would have thought it was my arm!

Well, since then I had decided to combat that one negative and offer to do nursing mini sessions… I am so proud to be a nursing mama. Believe me, I know nursing isn’t for everyone and I get that. I totally understand both sides of bottle or breast. I bottle fed my first baby and breastfeed Lily. Either way I love my babies but I’ve found now that I’m older that nursing to me is very special. Maybe I hold it even more dear to me because I couldn’t nurse Anna.

So, today I had my first breastfeeding mini session and I am in love with the images.

Hudson Wisconsin Baby Photographer

Woodbury Minnesota Newborn Photographer


Stillwater Minnesota Newborn Photographer


Minneapolis Minnesota Newborn Photographer


River Falls Wisconsin Newborn Photographer


Thank you so much Clara for choosing to come to me for these images.  I feel so passionately about these images with your babies.  The time goes so fast and you want to cherish it forever.

This is what Clara said when I posted one of her images on facebook!

St. Paul Newborn Photographer Hudson Wisconsin Newborn Photographer


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